The Complete Bushcraft Set


Summer Camp in a Box



This a  Total of 3 Months of Activities for your Home School Summer Camp

Plus the Six NEW activities listed below.

We will send you one Kit Per month. Cancel at any time.

What Summer camp Skills and Activities come with this program?

Learn all about


Camp Fires


Food and Water

Safety in the Wilds

Survival Kits

Over night Camping


Wood Crafting and Building

Hand Tools

Trip Planning

Trace Free Camping

Our Environment

Wild Plants

Each Activity has a Lesson Plan has: a How to, an Activity as  well as an instructional DVD.

This is a Total of  12 weeks of Summer Camp 5 days per week. Includes Rain Day Activity’s and Trip Planning

Comes With Everything you need for 4 Children or Adults.*


*Some Items such as tools are not included. However most people will have these Items.

Hey, but what else do you get:

The Six-part DVD set, Experiential Camping (Bonus Offer #1)

The Book, Experiential Camping. (Bonus Offer #2)

What Else Do you get with this set?

The Bow Drill Kit

The Tree / Star Calculator

The Bird Body Set

The Plant Finder kit

Tracking by the Numbers Kit

The Decoder

Bio Plastics Kit

Navigation Aid

The Knot Kit


Bonus # 3 The Outdoor Pass Port to track your progress.

Bonus # 4 The Weather Station Program

All for one low price.

Order now because every day you lose is a day you cant get back.

this program could also be called Summer A Summer of Fun and Education in a Box. Great for home schooling or this summers activity’s.

Order now and understand each module so when summer comes you can be the camp counselor!!!     ONLY $249.95.

Order Now and it Ships In  May, In time for the Summer.

The Complete Bushcraft Set

* Actual packaging / Box may appear different than shown on this page.

An Adirondack Guides Cookbook

John Gibbons, the grandson of naturalist Euell Gibbons, brings you a wonderful and entertaining collection of recipes and stories for the camp or home.

John Gibbons drew from over 35 years of experience and adventures as an Adirondack Guide to put together this now-classic cookbook. An Adirondack Guides Cookbook is filled with stories, information, photos, advice for the camper or guide, and, of course, RECIPES!

Contact us about Wholesale Prices.

Order today for yourself or as a gift. A limited number of signed copies are available for only $14.95 each.

An Adirondack Guides Cookbook – signed copy – $14.95

VETER: Winter Survival

Veter: Cold Weather Training System

What if You Got Stranded in The Winter? With little or no Gear.
Could you take care of your Family? Order Today….

Learn what only the Very Best In the World Know,
Because your Family Needs you !!!

Are you a: Camper, Hunter, Ice Fisher, Skier,
Snowshoer, Hiker, Pilot?

Or do you “Just Travel in the Winter with your Car?”


VETER: Cold Weather Training System – On 2 DVDs

These are Skills Anyone can Learn. With the, Veter: Cold Weather Training System Set

Can you survive Cold with little or No Snow?
Can you survive Cold with Snow or Deep Snow?
Can you Build 3 Shelters that Have Heat
Can you build a Ski-Shoe in the Field?
Can you Get Winter Water virtually anytime you need it
without Burning a Fire or Eating Snow?

This 2 DVD set has 108 Skills for Winter Camping and Survival.
Veter – is the Norse word for Winter.
Veter – is a System you can use in a cold weather scenario.

Winter Survival: Outdoor Series: 2 disc set for only $29.95







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