The Complete Aging Balance System

If you are worried about your blood sugar or blood pressure, the Aging Balance System could be the answer you have been looking for. This system teaches easy-to-implement strategies to reboot your hormones and supercharge your immune system so you can spend your time living instead of seeing doctors. These methods do not interfere with doctors’ protocols; The Aging Balance System works with your body to optimize your own immune system.

Simple changes in eating habits, activity, and daily choices can mean the difference between muddling along and leading the pack. But what are those changes?

For starters, trimming out the majority of processed foods will do wonders for your metabolism and health. That’s something everyone agrees on, but The Aging Balance System gives you a step-by-step plan to actually do it without feeling hungry. The Endocrine Reboot is a 14-day diet plan that walks you through every step of shopping, cooking, and starting to add light activity to your life. For two weeks, The Endocrine Reboot takes the guesswork out of healthy living. There are also instructions on how to start shifting your attitude to promote vitality.

As you start to follow the instructions in The Endocrine Reboot, you will also be tracking your progress with The Aging Balance Workbook. This is specially designed to measure improvements, give encouragement, and transform the way you perceive your daily routines. This workbook carries you into the first 30 days of The Aging Balance System, which is a less regimented, but fully guided plan to create habits – good habits! Most researchers agree that habits start to take root in about 30 days. You will be developing new habits in eating, moving, and thinking that are so simple, yet so powerful, you will be amazed!

The reasoning and science behind this system is explained in the book,  The Aging Balance System. And 8 DVDs will help make this a truly life-changing experience!

  • Working Through the Trouble Spots DVD – Four (4) targeted exercise routines to transform common problem areas into strengths: balance and ankles, knees, back, and shoulders.
  • Cooking Techniques and Lifestyle Tips DVD – This dvd guides you through practical ways to make positive change a reality in your life. From cooking with whole foods and spices to tips about how to prevent injuries to the truth about fad diets and supplements.
  • Guided Relaxation and Meditation DVD – Two complete sessions to nurture the state of mind necessary for life-enjoyment and self-healing. These techniques are based on studies that have proven anti-inflammatory benefits and increased self-image and life satisfaction.
  • Range of Motion and Empowering Movements DVD – Two complete, gentle workouts that focus on joint mobility and movements for an active lifestyle. These workouts are designed to teach safe movements that can aid injury recovery, bridge the gap between sedentary and active living, and nurture full body movements necessary for an independent lifestyle.
  • Body Mechanics DVD – Teaching you all the basics of how to move and work out in a safe way to minimize injury. Tips and exercises to improve alignment and balance.
  • Aging Balance Workout DVD (Moderate) – This is a full body workout to get your heart pumping and muscles moving.
  • Aging Balance Workout DVD (Advanced) – This is the next step full body workout with more core and strength exercises throughout.
  • Jin-Do DVD – This is a continuous, slow motion movement sequence to challenge your balance and control. An innovative combination inspired by dance, martial arts and yoga.
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Family Karate – Introductory Module

Join a Social Group and still train at home at your own pace, and still test, work and interact with instructors at live Workshop events. You can also receive 3rd party certification from a national organization. You will develop contacts and take part in physical practice with like-minded students in your area.


This program is a “Circuit Rider” training Program.  You will have the option to attend workshops with instructors and take part in a weekend training and Testing Seminar.

This is a Family based Karate Training Program ….

Your Family and Ours.

At this time in the Northeast USA.

Train at home, Test Live. Attend Seminars on line and in Real Time.

Not Just for Children

 For Families of all ages.

Young Adults, In or out of School

Also, for those older “Empty Nesters” or

Anyone Seeking A FAMILY atmosphere.

We welcome anyone starting from the ground up.

If you feel comfortable in a FAMILY setting we are for you.

Q: Do I Need Past Experience? A: NO

Bone Crushers, Tough Guys and Such are not what we are about.

If you Love Exercise, Family Events, History, and Just having FUN !!

We are your Program.

  Kara Jujitsu Program

This program combines many of the traditional Forms from Shorin and the

devastating self defense of Kempo, combined with practical  Jujitsu.

Our instructors and Students are recognized and certified by National independent associations.

This is about lifestyle and Living life to the fullest  ..

Is this a good fit for you? Do you want to work with your Children or friends?  We welcome children under 18 years of age  with an Adult / Parent or Guardian in attendance at all stages.

Only adults, 18 or older are taught the more aggressive defensive moves. The great advantage of this system is that less aggression works well in defensive situations and allows the practitioner to escape.

The addition of more aggressive moves simply blend as an extension of what you have learned at the early stages.


 Self-Protection Training:

Would you like to learn the Art of Self-defense?

Have no desire to be an MMA star? Younger / Older or smaller than the bone crushers? This system will work for you. Yes, it includes how to protect yourself if you find yourself on the ground (a weakness in most systems). Handicap? You are not out of this system.

It also teaches De-escalation, Recognition, and Degree of Response Training.

Would you like to Learn at your own pace?

Are you a Family or Single parent desiring to have time with your Child outside of TV and Video games?

Would you like to Learn quickly and effectively?

Would you like the option of Earning Nationally recognized, 3rd Party Testing Certifications and Belt ranks?  Do you have a desire to learn Traditional Forms and Training but also want to learn the lean and fast moves used in self protection?

Would you like to help others gain confidence and self-control?

You get all the Training Materials, Instruction, and in person Seminars / Meets and Practice Sessions. You can also Opt for the All Home School program.

All Testing is supported by  3rd party advancement.

The Club testing is at club rates. Usually $35.00  per Test ( This Includes a Test Certificate and Belt ) Shipping is at Postal Rates. Video Testing or live event testing.

Live Testing Offered 4X Times Per Year








Karajujitsu Family Karate Introductory Module Today 


B-Activizing Kids Workout DVD

Get your children up and moving to upbeat music with B-Activizing Kids!

Activity doesn’t just help keep the weight down, activity

  • Improves mental function
  • Improves balance and coordination
  • Improves immune system and recovery times
  • Improves self-confidence
  • Creates positive life-long habits

B-Activizing Kids is hosted by Teresa Landry, who has been working with children in fitness, dance, gymnastics, and figure skating for over 30 years. This is more than just another workout – this is jam-packed with healthy sound-bites to nudge children and teens toward positive choices in their daily lives. So start B-Activizing your kids today!

B-Activizing Kids DVD Workout –