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Bio-Plastic Workshop in a Box:

The EZ Worm Module

What do you get when you mix modern technology and old-fashioned fun?


          The E-Z Worm Bio-Plastic  Workshop!!!


Teach your children how to make bio-plastics with this fun, non-toxic kit…and the end product will be environmentally-friendly, biodegradable worms that can be used for fishing lures! An easy, fun way to teach them about trending technology. Everything you need.  Ages 8+  ADD: Water, Vegetable Oil and Cook on the Stove. Non-Toxic


Bio-Plastic is Fantastic!  Don’t delay – Order Today!

Bio-Plastic Workshop in a Box: The EZ Worm Module  $16.99

Drone Escape – the board game


Easy to learn, fun to play, and – best of all – no battaries required!

Drone Escape is a fast-paced board game that the kids will love!

Based on a short story (included) – the year is 2077 – the world as we know it has collapsed – you must work together to escape the renegade-controlled drone to save the world and yourselves. 2-4 players. Ages 8+

Heirloom quality wooden board.

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Only $29.95

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DMV MADNESS – The Board Game


DMV Madness is a comical romp through bureaucratic foibles and frustrations.

Easy-to-play and family-friendly – but the kids may not understand why the adults are laughing so much! If you have ever pulled your hair out waiting in line, you will love this.

DMV Madness is a great party game! 2 or more players. Ages 10+

Heirloom quality wooden board.

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Aesop’s Elves – Absolutely Humongous Outdoor Adventure

3 Complete Episodes Featuring The Aesop’s Elves Puppets on 1 disc.


A whimsical twist on classic fables with sing-a-longs, skits and surprises! Perfect for ages 3-7.


In the tradition of Aesop, teaching life lessons through story…





 Silent Tears – Debut Novel

The Connor family is starting all over again, this time in rural Pennsylvania. This move is just the latest in a long series of moves to keep them and their secrets safe…specifically, their daughter Mary’s unexplainable abilities.

15-year old Mary Connor has struggled to conceal her mysterious abilities her entire life. Now, those abilities are growing and changing and forcing their way into the open. Mary has always been able to focus her thoughts to make…things change…mostly for the good. Now, her mind has started doing things without her consent. Bad things. Now, Mary is faced with the responsibility of understanding and controlling these changes before they destroy her and those around her.

Silent Tears is the debut novel by T.S. Landry. A quick, entertaining read for teens and adults.

We have a limited number of signed copies available for only $14.95 each. This is perfect for curling up on a couch and escaping into another world for a little while – a world where the impossible is believable.

SILENT TEARS NOVEL-signed copy          14.95

First Longhunter – Unabridged Audiobook

An engaging historical novel set in 1750 on the edge of the wilderness. First Longhunter is a book for adventure, romance and wild living in the outdoors. This is the story of a family’s struggle to survive and live in a new world in a tumultuous time – the beginning of the French and Indian War and the start of a great nation.

“The Longhunter was peculiar to Southwest Virginia. Most long hunts started in the Holston River Valley near Chilhowie, Virginia.” The hunters came from there and the adjacent valley of the Clinch River; they were land owners or residents. The parties of two or three men, usually started their hunts in October.

Conrad Decker became one of the Long Hunters in this adventure novel – protecting a secret, fighting for his life, and falling in love.

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