First Steps to Freedom Income
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Q: Who is this program for?

A: People just starting out in the world, People or couples On your own.

Those restarting – They are looking to make “gardens out of ashes.” Life did not work out the way

you planned. It would help if you had a change in life. You are older and wake up to the fact you have no real idea

about your future.

With John Elden Gibbons

Full disclosure this program can make no guarantees about your success or failure in your life, finances, or relationships.

It can allow you to stop and think about your future self. It can also give you the much-needed knowledge to

ask better questions.

Let’s start with lesson one:


It would be best if you had a notebook – Any notebook will work.

It must be a notebook bound together (Spiral-bound will work). I can get them for $1 or 2 at most stores in the U.S.

If you really can’t buy one, get five or Six sheets of 8- 1/2 X 11″ pages of computer paper, fold them in half, and staple them together.

The idea is to keep them together. Put A title on the front cover with today’s date. This is the title I suggest: A Life Well Lived.

You will need a pen or two.

You will need an inexpensive calendar, and you can print these one month at a time.

Next, look at the calendar and block out a time five days a week to work on this program for 45 minutes each day.

Try to Make this Mon thru Friday. One day per week will be set aside for contemplation and thought; for some, this will be for religious observation.

Suggested Reading (This can be found on line in the form of an Audio book – Youtube.

That is it for lesson one. You have taken the first step – Congratulations!

Next Step: Register for this FREE program from Mustard Sprout Media llc.

Why are we giving this away? Simple, Because when we started out we asked for help. We had nothing much to pay “Experts”

We e-mailed them and asked, “can you help us?” The answer: “Crickets Chirping” no response.

Then one day a response from a great guy named Frank. He directed us to some free training.

Now we had a chance. So, In our business plan we set out a paragraph.

When ever possible we will help others to gain the knowledge and chance we have been given.

Our company will make it a priority to provide an avenue for FREE training and help others.

We will pay our “Good Fortune and Grace” bestowed on us Forward.