Welcome to Aesop’s Acres!

Aesop’s Acres is a small business that began with an idea. They say that, “Ideas change the world,” but we believe that people putting ideas to work, turning ideas into reality, are what really changes the world. Today, Aesop’s Acres is an innovative, privately owned company dedicated to giving people the tools to implement ideas – whether that idea is teaching your child a new skill, or improving your health, or starting a non-profit organization to improve your community – we strive to supply the tools you need to become a success. Every success changes the world a little bit for the better, and enough successes can make a global difference.

People learn in many ways, and we try to supply the right tools for everyone. Once upon a time, books were the only method used for learning, which limited many people. Today, in the digital age, video and audio have taken hold as convenient, easy ways to learn. We tend to combine the new with the old methods while providing actual products that can be accessed and used even when the internet is not available. The more ways a concept is expressed, the more likely you are to internalize it. Thus, many of our products are mixed media – a combination of the old and the new.

The problem with mixed media is that book stores and libraries often don’t know how to classify it or where to put it, so they avoid it as much as possible. For that reason, we have had to become our own distribution outlet, as well – just one more way of turning an idea into a reality. Problems, you see, truly are opportunities in disguise. We have them; you have them; everyone has them. It’s what you do about the problems that matters.

Many of our products are designed to point people in the direction of solutions. (Some, we admit, are mainly for fun, but even those are loaded with teachable moments.) We, the Aesop’s Acres family, sincerely hope your problems are small, your ideas are big, and you change the world – or at least your corner of it.

Our corner is located in northern New York, a short walk from the Post Office and Public Library – two ideas whose implementation transformed our entire nation. But the public parks and community garden plots are also important. These things were all ideas once upon a time, and someone – or many someones – took the time and effort to turn them into reality. People changed the world.

Here, at Aesop’s Acres, we strive to be a force for change, for ourselves, our community, and our customers. So, please join us in making ideas a reality.

Also, Please look for our sales racks and crates in stores and shops near you.