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The Offer: Experiential Activity Kits “In the Bag”

 Six Different STEM-friendly Activity Kits

to Build and Use – Because having fun is the best way to learn !!!


Hi, I’m John and I have contacted you about the Gibbons Guides Products. This is a follow up of that contact.

I am offering these products to you at a great Wholesale price. You can Purchase as little or as much as you would like.

But I thought it was important that you understand what these products are and how they can help you and your Bottom line – while helping the people you serve.

Best Regards,

John Elden Gibbons







It all started when an Adirondack Wilderness Guide and Outdoor Training Specialist decided that he wanted to Introduce 100,000 people to Camping and Bushcraft skills and help them to be comfortable and Safe in the Out of Doors.

WHY This set of Activities?

Over the years, I have worn many different hats. I worked with Young People and Adults from all walks of life. You see, I have worked with groups made up of Youth and Adults from Cities and from the Rural areas. I have worked with those who were probably like your neighbors. Some of them had difficulty in Hearing, Seeing and Learning. Some of these were quick at learning skills and later became leaders in their own right. Some were afraid of the outdoors when they started. They were afraid they did not know enough, would fail or worse.

I have worked with Beginning Campers and Expert outdoor people from all over the World: people from my neighborhood and people from as far away as Thailand. These people would venture into the Adirondacks for days or weeks at a time. The beginning campers and the expert alike always wanted to learn a new skill or, better yet, learn a new way to bring a skill back home to teach others. With this idea in mind, and the fact that I love to make things fun, I developed these small Activity kits not only to help others learn new skills, but to give them the tools to teach and share those skills.

The Skills I wanted to pass on are:

  • Basic and Advanced Bushcraft / Camping
  • Navigation
  • Conserving our planet and Wilderness Areas
  • Outdoor Sports
  • Self-reliance in the out of doors
  • Nature Study
  • and Critical Thinking (Math, Science, Technology Application and Good Ol’ Ingenuity )

You may be Asking, “Who is this Big Guy, who keeps asking me to look at his Products:

So, Please let me Introduce myself:

My name is John Gibbons; I am a Licensed NY State Guide.

Besides being a licensed guide, I am the grandson of Euell Gibbons, famed wild food expert and father of the Wildcrafting movement.
I started learning survival at the early age of eight by participating in a three-day survival trip with my grandfather as my mentor. My father was active with the U.S. Air Force and I moved every two years to places such as California, The Philippines, Washington, Nevada, Idaho and northern New York.
My mother and I stayed with my grandmother in New York while my father served in Vietnam and Thailand. I spent a lot of time in the woods where I studied and practiced the teachings of Larry Dean Olsen, Baden Powell, Seton, Hillcourt, Nessmuk, my grandfather Euell and many others.
At age 16, I got to hike the Northville – Lake Placid trail, hiking one week alone.

Later, I would work for camps in the Adirondacks during the summers while attending school at SUNY Plattsburgh. My Other grandfather, Jim, had been a Lumber Jack from the Keene Valley area.
With this kind of family, it’s no wonder I just had to do something in the Out of doors.
Later, after active and reserve duty in the Navy, I worked with At Risk Youth for NYS and Spent approximately 145 Days a year in the Woods or on the trails and water, teaching life skills through interaction with nature. In my years of experience, I have logged over 6000 miles by foot and on the water in mountains, woodlands, deserts, swamps, tropical shores, and one trek onto a glacier in Alaska.

I have made it my mission to Introduce 100,000 people to the skills of Camping and Bushcraft.
I cannot do this without your help.

About The Activity Kits

Each kit Comes with a Booklet and an Activity Aid to teach a skill or Learn a skill

Experiential Activity Kits “In the Bag”
Six Different STEM-friendly Activity Kits to Build and Use –
Because having fun is the best way to learn !!!

Gibbons Guides Sun Compass

The Survival Sun Compass:

Navigate and Tell Time with this Simple but unique device.
This kit shows you how and gives you a great craft kit project.
Survival Sun Compass
Gibbons Guides Sun Compass

$16.50 Suggested Retail





Gibbons Guides De-Coder

Gibbons Guides De-Coder:

Secret De-Coder: By learning Codes and Cyphers the student will discover the process of complex thought and unraveling the mysteries of math and science.
Secret Decoder Kit – Remember when learning was fun? This teaches the user about complex problem solving, communication and directly relates to Map Coordinates and finding locations. It shows the user the starting processes in simple terms that on thing can represent and other. The start of good map reading Skills.

$16.50 Suggested Retail


Net Making Kit Gibbons Guides

Net Making Kit:

Make a net that can be used for gear. Easy to follow, step by step instructions with all the tools included. This is a Great Bushcraft Skill. The Net is used for Gear and other useful items. After learning this skill the student could make a Nets for a lot of uses: Cargo, Packing Gear, a Hammock chair and more…
Net Making Kit Gibbons Guides
$16.50 Suggested Retail






EZ Worm, Gibbons Guides Bio-Plastic Workshop Kit

EZ Worm Bio-Plastic Workshop:

Non-toxic, safe formula that teaches the basics of bio-plastic while creating fishing lures. Just add Vegetable Oil and Water. Warm on the stove. This is a great way to introduce a student to bio-plastic and saving our planet from adding more plastic to our world. This is most clearly a spot in the Pacific ocean called the Dump. Ez Worm is simple Non-Toxic, EZ and most of all FUN… Yes, it does catch Fish.

$16.95 Suggested Retail




Knot-It Knot Game, Learn to Tie knots.


The Knot Tie Game that Teaches you the10 most important knots for Camping and the Outdoors. People struggle with Knots. They forget, they never learned. This game makes learning Fun. It is a game that can be played with several players or just one person.

$16.50 Suggested Retail





Hobo Fishing Rig

Hobo Fishing Rig:

This is a Cool Game and a safe way to learn fishing skills (no hooks!).
The fishing rig has a long history.

$16.50 Suggested Retail






Please Take A Look at Our Video







What is STEM-friendly Learning and FUN?
STEM = science, technology, engineering, and mathematics
in an interdisciplinary and applied approach

STEM lessons focus on real-world issues and problems.
STEM lessons immerse students in hands-on inquiry and open-ended exploration.
STEM lessons involve students in productive work
STEM lessons apply math and science content


What This does for Groups:

1)Facilitate discussion and explanation of Players’ thinking and aids in knowledge retention and testing about the Out of Doors.

2)Offer the opportunity to develop skills that extend into solving problems in an outdoor setting.

3) Opens a Dialog for teaching Skills and Identifying Trouble areas both in skills and personal development.

4) The Activity is Fully outlined. No prior knowledge of the outdoors is required.
You will learn as you go. A fast and Fun way to learn Outdoor skills that protect our wilderness areas and planet.

5) Can be Practiced alone or in groups.

6) Is the fastest and Easiest way to Introduce a person to outdoor skills…
You will help us reach our goal of introducing 100, 000 people to the out of doors.

7) Aids in creating Leadership skills by working with others and discussing ideas, as well as learning to explain your views.


1. It’s Fun
2. It’s hands-on
3. It’s Not Boring
4. They Gain Self Confidence and Achievement at the end of the Activity
5. It leads to Independence and Personal Power.

6. It Takes Time and Fills time with Activity.

( EVEN on a Rainy DAY) !!!





“I love the net making kit! It breaks down a complicated looking process into easy steps that my kids and I were able to work on together.”

T. L, NY State


“Knot-It kept my children busy for hours inside the tent when a storm went through. Thank you so much! I don’t know how I would have kept them occupied without it.”   

E. G. , USA


John is by far one of the Top Experts in his Feild.”   

 J. E. , Eastern States Workshop


If you Are looking for the Authority in the field of Experiential Camping and Outdoor Training, Bushcraft, Survival and just great Fun, You need go no farther. Gibbons Guides and John are the source…” 

 Workshop, USA






1. Each kit will be linked to a downloadable
Video showing how to use it.






2. The Owner of the Kit will also be given access to additional online content for FREE.








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