About Us

About Us
Our Vision: to establish ourselves as an internationally recognized
media company dedicated to delivering content in an entertaining and impactful way.
Our Mission Statement:
Mustard Sprout Media LLC. is a boutique
media company based in Wyoming, USA dedicated to delivering quality productions that
inform, inspire, educate and entertain.
The Products We Provide:
Mustard Sprout Media LLC. will deliver content in the form of
traditional and progressive media solutions and complementary products, including: TV / Video
Audio platforms, Print / Digital text, and image delivery.
– Multi-channel Programmatic Display
– Social Media Channels
– Audio
– Streaming and Connected TV devices
– Video
– Email / eNewsletters
– Journal / Association / Site-direct digital media
5/28/22, 9:07 AM About Us – Aesop’s Acres
https://aesopsacres.com/about-us/ 2/3
– Mobile display and video / Audio / Text / Image
– Printed Media
– Selective Physical Products and Merchandise
30 N Gould St
Ste N
Sheridan, WY 82801
News from Mustard Sprout Media – Mustard Sprout Media LLC.
is on track to deliver 40 original film productions
over the next year, including “Welcome to Rockbottom.”

7/25/2021: News Flash – Mustard Sprout Media Acquires Aesop’s Acres -NY Catalog.
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